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We provide RasMol scripts to visualize output from several tools. The RasMol icon links to these script. Providing you have the RasMol program installed, and your browser correctly configured, clicking on this icon will display a rendered image of the structure in 3D in RasMol. In addition to installing the normal RasMol package you will need a script to intepret our RasMol files.

Configuring Konqueror for RasMol (UNIX / LINUX):

  1. download and install RasMol
  2. download the script
  3. edit the script to point to the correct location of the rasmol binary on your machine
  4. make the script executable with chmod u+x
  5. open Konqueror and go to Settings->Configure Konqueror...
  6. choose File Associations from the list on the right side
  7. press Add...
  8. select Group: application and enter Type name: x-rasmol
  9. enter Rasmol script in the Description field
  10. press Add... in the Application Preference Order
  11. select the location of the script

Testing your browser configuration

You can test that your browser has been correctly configured by trying the link below.